Karen Lasher, APG Member

Aspen Roots Ancestry, LLP, is a Colorado-based partnership providing professional genealogy search services to clients all around the world. With over forty years of combined experience, in both traditional on-site research and online search resources, we have a passion for uncovering the mystery in your family history.

Let us help find your ancestors and compile your family records into an easy-to-read report for you, along with a chart of your family pedigree. To start with, all we need is your commitment and desire to find your ancestors, giving us as much information as you know, by filling out our Family Group Sheet. This form includes basic ancestry information like full names, places family members have lived, birth dates, siblings, etc. We will take it from there for you.

All your records and reports will remain private and are not given public access. If that is something you desire to do with your tree that we prepare for you, that is entirely up to you. Remember, however, that any records that are public records are already out there for others to view.

Thank you for choosing Aspen Roots Ancestry – we look forward to working with you!