Founding partner Karen Lasher
is a member of the
Association of Professional Genealogists

Aspen Roots Ancestry is your one-stop source for researching your family history, and compiling a Family Tree. We are two genealogists – childhood friends – who share over 40 years of experience in hunting down family mysteries, truths, and lore. We are well-versed in the methods of old-school physical record searching, as well as the online resources available today. We were born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, and have since relocated to Colorado, all the while pursuing our love of family history detective work.

Aspen Roots Ancestry has access to many subscription websites, as well as extensive archives and repositories to research even the most complex genealogical problems. Our own family searches and client research projects have given us extensive knowledge in Pennsylvania records searching, particularly for the counties of Allegheny, Armstrong, Bedford, Blair, Centre, Clinton, Crawford, Erie, Fayette, Franklin, Huntingdon, Lancaster, Lycoming, Somerset, Sullivan, Warren, Westmoreland, and Wyoming.

We currently employ a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and are affiliated with the National Genealogical Society, Huntingdon County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society, McKeesport (Pennsylvania) Heritage Center, Historic Salida, Inc. (Salida, Colorado), Park County (Colorado) Historical Society, and Bedford County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society. Some of our past memberships include: the Blair County, PA Genealogical Society, Somerset County, PA Historical Society, Wyoming County, PA Historical Society, and Allegany County, MD Historical Society.

We are connected to some of the first Pennsylvania Germans to arrive as well as the Palatine Germans of Germantown, New York. We have studied these areas of immigration in great detail. Other states we have researched extensively are: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, West Virginia. We’ve also done some international work, studying family histories tracing back to: Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and Sweden. Our research has provided records needed for membership applications into the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution (SAR & DAR).

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“The root system of an aspen tree colony can live for thousands of years,
sending up new life stems, long after the older life above ground has died off.
This interconnection between the ancestors and descendants never ceases.
We hope to help you find your connection between your roots and stems.”