The Tale of Cousin Pinky

Lifelong friends find out they’re related, after discovering they both had a “Cousin Pinky”!

While researching my mother’s line, I was missing info on my Great Uncle Jesse, especially on the whereabouts of his only grandchild, a girl, “Cousin Pinky.” While my mother was still alive, she thought that Pinky lived in the south and that she married someone named Reighard or Reichert. My mother knew Pinky was born after WWII and before 1950. All other relatives that may have known this information were dead, so this was all I had to go on. No one knew her real name or if it really was just “Pinky.” I had no clue what her mother’s maiden name was, either, The census records would be of no help because they are only public up through 1940. It was my Brick Wall.

One day, while discussing the Pinky dilemma with my coworker, she tells me her husband has a Cousin Pinky, too, and his Cousin Pinky lives in Florida. Her husband and I have been friends since high school, and I knew he vacationed in Florida with his family. She explains that his Cousin Pinky would be about that age and is married to a man; whose last name is Reichert.

This is just too crazy! My friends tell me that this Cousin Pinky has a Facebook Page. He also says that his family went to Florida every year to vacation with her family. Living in the same city, there was a slight possibility that these two Cousin Pinkys could be the same person.
After checking both of our families’ research information, sure enough, Pinky’s maternal grandfather is the brother to my good friend’s maternal grandmother! That makes Cousin Pinky my Second Cousin, and she is also Second Cousin to my friend. Who knew?

It’s never too late to break through that Brick Wall!