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Available Packages & Rates:
Please remember to fill out a Family Group Sheet before placing your order! Our evaluation of this sheet is your free consultation, which allows us to check for the missing pieces to your family puzzle, so we can determine whether or not we’ll be able to help you, before you spend any money.
I have read all the information on this page, and agree to adhere to it as the the Terms & Conditions of my purchase.


NOTE: Guest Link to view your Tree on Ancestry.com sent via email.
Compiled Ancestor Report findings are delivered via email.
Pedigree Chart of finding also delivered via email.
• Reports and Charts unable to be delivered via e-mail – Hourly Rate, plus 15 cents per page, single side, plus postage/delivery fees. You will receive a custom invoice for these types of charges.

Aspen Roots Ancestry Disclaimer:

Aspen Roots Ancestry is a Partnership doing business in Colorado. Our fees are based upon services rendered. Our service is professional, but we are not Certified Genealogists, nor do we claim to be. In conducting our research, we rely on the information that you provide to us at the inception of the search. If the information you provide to us is not accurate or complete, it will affect the results of our search and may well lead to incorrect findings and inaccurate data and results.

Additionally, we are not, and cannot be responsible for the accuracy or authenticity of the documents we locate and disseminate to our clients. We cannot and do not warrant any information we provide. Due to these reasons, we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of our findings.

Examples of why records found may not be accurate are as follows:
1. Death Certificates are filled out from information given by family members, who may or may not know the correct information.
2. Census Records are taken by people hired to do so. Their spelling and math may not be accurate, often spelling as they see fit and figuring out the age of someone incorrectly.
3. Some early ship records did not record women at all or children under 16, even though they sailed with the family.

Customers may only purchase one (1) Introductory Research package of any kind. These are clearly labeled as one-time purchases, and any subsequent hourly purchases must be made according to the Hourly Research Fee. Customers attempting to purchase more than one Introductory Research package will be notified of this policy, and returned to this page to purchase research time at the hourly rate.

Before Aspen Roots Ancestry can begin research, we must have received your Family Group Sheet, and determined that we can actually be of service to you. Please submit this before making your purchase so we may respond to your request in a timely fashion. We are not responsible for beginning research until receiving the Family Group Sheet, and determining that we will, in fact, be able to provide services.

We promise to search diligently for every record available on your family within the allotted time spent, determined by you. With those records we promise to analyze the discrepancies found between records and note our conclusions to you in our reports. By making a purchase with Aspen Roots Ancestry, LLP, customers agree to the terms and conditions on this page.