Same Last Name? Maybe We’re Cousins!

“Same Last Name? Maybe We’re Cousins!”

Don’t laugh, because more often than not, it’s found to be true!

Last February, my husband found himself on a 24-hour layover in Bozeman, Montana. He and his coworker decided to rent snowmobiles and hit the forest trails, rather than stay cooped up in their hotel room. They reached the rental place and started filling out paper work and the gal at the desk said – “Hey, we have the same last name, Lasher. Wonder if we’re related?” He laughed and said he was from New York and she said her family was from Washington, so it’s probably not likely.

He told her, “I bet my wife can tell us for sure!” He called and gave me her parents and I explained to him that almost all the Lashers were Palatine Germans and came into Germantown, New York in the early 1700’s. They headed west from there. The name was originally spelled Loscher.

I went to work and pulled up our Lasher Family Tree. Then I started working records back in her tree. I found her great grandfather was born in Minnesota and died in Washington, so that’s when the Lashers get to Washington State. I look back to her third great grandfather and see that he was born in New York and died in Minnesota. I am making progress toward what I believe to be correct. I reach the fifth great grandfather and see that he was born in New York and died in New York.

Getting closer to the truth.

Two hours later, my husband returns to the snowmobile shop and asks, “How did I make out? Did I find anything?” I was pleased to tell him that Sebastian Loscher, his sixth great grandfather, is the gal in the snowmobile shop’s eighth great grandfather!

Yes, they really are cousins! Eighth cousins once removed, actually. They were both shocked and had a good laugh.

With the history of the emigration of his family name, I had a good hunch there would be a common relative, if I reached back far enough to the early 1700’s. Small world where genealogy is concerned, eh? Also proves once again, if you go back far enough, we are all related!