Some “ancestrimonials” from our recent clients.

May 2016
Aspen Roots Ancestry was amazing and paid close attention to detail. I felt like they were invested in helping me to discover my roots and I’m so happy I chose them. They were constantly cross-checking with me for any leads that they found, and keeping me updated on the status of her research. I felt at ease and comforted with the professionalism.

June 2016
Aspen Roots Ancestry is great to work with, is very responsive to my emails and questions and thorough in her research work. Through this quick process, I learned some new things about my family and had some things confirmed so I certainly have more confidence in my family tree doing future researching on my own. I certainly recommend this group for researching your family tree!

July 2016
I am so pleased with Karen and Toody! They were very helpful and more importantly patient with me during the entire process. They have a complete toolkit for extracting information deep into your ancestry. I will use them again and hope you give them a try. A+++

Jan 2016
As beginner genealogists, we had found several of our ancestors’ information from our own research and from other ancestry trees. However, we had run into several brick walls that we could find very little or no information about those ancestors.

Ancestry.com has the option of getting help by requesting a description of what you are looking for, then professional genealogists respond with bids, based on what the client wants to accomplish. After submitting a clear description of who and what we were looking for in our ancestry search, we received several bids estimating very high costs for what we were wanting done, which was a much more focused request, as we had done quite a bit of work ourselves with some success.

We then heard from Karen and Toody at Aspen Roots Ancestry. They took special interest in learning about specifically what we wanted, and studied what we had already done in our tree. Aspen Roots Ancestry even had a special introductory offer that was very fair for new customers who were relatively new to genealogy.

They did an outstanding job for us, and provided significantly more information than we expected. Karen is very friendly and client-oriented, and goes above and beyond to provide exactly what the client needs. I would highly recommend Aspen Roots Ancestry, as they take the time to find out specifically about what a potential client has already done and what they want to have done. We will go back to Aspen Roots Ancestry in the future for additional research needs.